Jolene is a native digital designer, who cannot survive without Photoshop, internet, and a good cup of coffee

I am a Sydney based freelance digital designer. I like working with interactivity in mind, I like making things animate, and most of all I like to make things look nice.

I have worked in Taiwan as a graphic designer, interned at Crispin Porter & Bogusky as an interactive art director, finally found my foot in Sydney and have been a dedicated digital designer since 2009. During the meantime I have worked on brands such as Nissan, Children’s Panadol, Optimum, Macdonalds, Volkswagen and Coopers. I strongly believe a good website design should always put positive user experience first, and that is what I always aim to deliver in my work.

In my time off computers I enjoy travelling, dancing, gaming, sewing, and spending time crawling on my knees to entertain my dear daughter of 1 years old.

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